The ​Visual School of Photography

Showing Motion and Stopping Action!

Action shots are all about the correct use of shutter speed!

Background in Focus

Foreground in Focus

Focus Techniques and Depth of Field...

are ways to get your camera to automatically focus on what YOU want it to focus on, not what it wants to focus on.  This is achieved through proper use of "focus modes" and focus "area modes".  You also need a firm grasp of the relationship of aperture and lens selection in regard to depth of field (how much of the image will remain in focus).

Correct Exposure...

is about using shutter speed (the amount of time your camera's sensor is exposed to light), aperture (the amount of light that's allowed to pass through the lens) and iso (your cameras sensitivity to light).  This way, your pictures don't come out too light or too dark as seen below.  Instead, you can make them perfect!

Is This You...?

You want to become a better photographer.  You see an image with your minds eye but you can't seem to replicate that with your camera.  So what do you do?  Buy a better camera of course! You try again and same result.  What you picture is not what you get.

We want to help you!  The three complaints we hear over and over are:

My Pictures are too Dark.

My Pictures are too Light.

My Pictures are blurry and out of focus.

Even when you set your expensive camera on an "auto" mode, it can only guess what you are after.  You have take control and move into the camera's "creative modes".  These are still automatic but allow you the flexibility of making changes to help you achieve the results you want.  Scroll down through this page and you will see examples of some of the things we work on in our introductory workshop.