The basic camera requirements are quite simple.  Your camera needs to have some manual adjustments available.  They MUST allow you to adjust your Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO.  Beyond that, focus mode and focus area modes adjustments are a plus.  The key to knowing if your camera is capable of these adjustments is if you can find the abbreviations M, S (Tv), A (Av) and P.  (Tv and Av are on Canon cameras) On most cameras, this can be found on a selector wheel typically on top of the camera.  On some of the point and shoot, and mirrorless cameras, you may have to navigate to it on the screen. 

The ​Visual School of Photography

Nikon, Sony and most others

Bridge or Superzoom   Fixed mount Zoom lens


Mirrorless and Point and Shoot

Mirrorless   Interchangeable Lens

Point and Shoot      Fixed mount Zoom lens

DSLR    Interchangeable Lens

Camera Requirements

The most flexible camera option that typically has everything you need is a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex).  There are however, many other types that will do the trick.  They are explained below.  Please contact us to see if your camera fits the bill.  DO NOT run out and buy a camera without talking to Bart first.  He has zero connections to the camera industry so he can be 100% non biased and direct you to the right camera for your needs.