The ​Visual School of Photography


  • Sunday March 31, 2019 12:30pm-3:30pm.

    Eloise May Library 1471 South Parker Road, Denver 80231


"Great class, teacher. Very informative and motivated me in my photography. Learned a lot of new things on my camera that I hadn't know was on it, or how to use things that I did know were on it. But didn't use them before the class due to not knowing how and when to use them. THANK YOU!!!! 

Digital Photography 101 Our Flagship Course $59

Why is it when you put your camera on the same "Automatic" setting every time, sometimes you get great pictures, sometimes you don't?  It's because your camera can only guess what you're thinking!! Your camera has one totally automatic setting and several semi automatic settings, but it's not until you take command of the controls yourself that you will begin to achieve the consistent results you are after. This easy to follow class will teach you all of the basic concepts you need to take your photography to the next level. You WILL learn how to take control of your camera and THINK like it THINKS!! There is no one size fits all automatic setting. You will learn about about all of your cameras settings including the most important one....MANUAL!! This class includes three solid hours jam-packed with information including: •Camera basics •ISO •Shutter Speed and Aperture •Types of lenses •Focusing options •Jpeg vs. Raw •Manual and Automatic modes, including Program, Aperture and Shutter Speed priority and Proper White (Color) Balance. 

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