The ​Visual School of Photography

Welcome to the Visual School of Photography!

Let's get started shall we?

How can Digital Photography be made easy?

You simply need to understand three important concepts:


How to get a good exposure so that your images are not too dark or too light.


How to make your camera focus on what you want it to, not what it wants to.


How to translate what you see in your minds eye to your camera.

My I've taught thousands of students over the years.  I make it simple, visual, intuitive and easy to understand.  Although I do hold a few workshops during the year, the best place to start is with private, one on one instruction.  This way, we can focus on Your learning style, with Your camera at Your pace.

Click here to shoot me an email. Tell me what you like to photograph, what kind of camera you have.  I'll get back to you right away and we'll chat to see if I can help you move in the right direction.

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