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"Digital Photography Made Easy"

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Ten Week Private Photography Boot Camp

The ​Visual School of Photography

What does it take to become skillful in photography?  If you are truly determined to get serious with your photography, this is for you.  You can go from beginning to proficiency in a short period of time.  This is a ten week program, one on one with Bart, designed to jump start your passion for photography.  Starting with the fundamentals, you will work through various lessons and assignments designed to help you successfully navigate the sometimes complicated maze of photography concepts in a fun and easy progression from week to week

Although structured, there is plenty of room to customize your experience to concentrate on your areas of interest.

Here's what the curriculum will look like:

Week One:

Fundamentals of Photography

  • Understanding your Camera's Controls
  • Aperture, Shutter Speed, Iso, focus modes and exposure modes

Week Two:

  • techniques for Proper exposure including Bracketing and exposure compensation
  • Introduction to focus and Depth of field

Week Three:

  • Stopping action and showing motion using Shutter speed

Week Four:

  • Composition including proper use on the rule of thirds and natural framing

Week Five:

  • Elective week choosing from a variety of options focusing on your area of emphasis

Week Six:

  • Analysis and critique of assignments to date

Week Seven

  • Photoshop and editing

Week Eight:

  • Elective week two

Week Nine:

  • Elective week three

Week Ten:

  • Analysis of progress and wrap up

The total value of this course when purchased separately is $1950. 

The package price for 20 hours of private instruction in ten private lessons is $1750. You save $200! 

Price includes our Digital Photography Made Easy Online Course as well!