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You're going on that trip of a lifetime.  Maybe a Safari in Africa, or a bucket list trip to Europe, Asia, Australia or South America. This time, you're going to be prepared with that amazing new camera. You are planning on bringing home the most beautiful images you've ever taken! Or maybe your kids are getting into sports and other activities and you want to preserve those beautiful memories forever.  Only one problem.  You only know how to shoot in 'Auto'.

Now you've got an amazing camera.  You know it can take incredible images, (Sometimes it actually does!)  You just need to know what all of those buttons are for and how to use it at it's maximum capability. Most of all you want it to take the picture that you see in your minds eye.  You don't want it to be too dark or too light and you want it in focus!  Am I correct?

‚ÄčIt's an awesome  Digital Camera  that you only use on Auto.  You know it can do so much more but you don't know how it works. Piece of cake!  Here's what you need to know.  See that selector wheel on the camera?  It has M, S, A and P on it, or if it's a Canon it has M, Av, Tv and P.  Those are called 'The Creative Modes'.  They put you in charge of your camera!

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"Bart, the instructor, was super great. He was so patient and has a knack for teaching. He has a great understanding and knowledge

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that is looking to get off of auto mode!"