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Five, two hour, one on one sessions with Bart for $875 

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"Bart Levy, the instructor, is knowledgeable and a terrific instructor...understandable, easy to follow, takes time to answer questions...and is very funny. I highly recommend his courses."

"Bart was great. He went over a very technical subject in an easy to understand manner and was entertaining to boot. I would definitely recommend him to friends (and already have) and would likely take another class with him.

Equipment selection, Metering, Lighting, Camera settings and White balance

Sizing, Retouching, Cropping, Cloning, Filters and too much more!

Composition, Bracketing, Depth of Field and proper Lens selection.

Locations, Lighting, Exposure, Posing and

Depth of field techniques

Getting started, Marketing, Taxes, Trade Associations, Labs and Digital Products

Rule of Thirds, Natural Framing and 

Seeing as the Camera sees.

Jewelry, Food, Sculptures and Website images

Football, Softball, Baseball, Lacrosse,  Soccer, Biking, Skiing and Motocross

Hockey, Swimming, Basketball, Diving, Gymnastics, Dressage, Volleyball and Figure Skating

Proper Exposure, bracketing, exposure compensation and Depth of field

Camera functions, ISO, Shutter Speeds, Aperture and Focus Modes.

Real Estate Photography

Outdoor Portrait Photography

Intermediate Photography


Basic Photography

Nature Photography

Still Life Photography

Photography Composition

Outdoor Sports Photography

Indoor Sports Photography

The Business of Photography

Studio Lighting

It's time to become a great photographer!  Are you ready to invest in yourself?  This is it.  This is the place where your photography will soar to new heights. .After teaching over 2000 students, one thing has become abundantly clear.  Practice alone will not make you better.  Proper practice will. Or to coin an old phrase "Practice doesn't make perfect, Perfect practice makes perfect." 

Well here's the best way to get perfect practice!

I've  designed this program to be packed with valuable lessons tailored to your specific needs.  We will spend five, two hour private lessons together working on the basics first and then concentrate on your specific area of interest.  You can choose from any of the modules listed below or we can brainstorm some new ideas and design a program just for you.  We'll set goals, we'll make a plan and we'll make it work!

Whether you want to make some extra money in photography or you just want to finally hone your skills and move to the next level, this is the perfect opportunity!

Your Personal Photography Mentor Program

Interiors, Exteriors, Lighting and Architecture